Basic Fire Safety Talk

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OSH Unit is also part of the training unit within the hospital’s Fire Safety Community. To strengthen our training role, we have been carrying out Basic Fire Safety Talk to individual units within the hospital who are keen to have their staff trained.

A session conducted with Nursing Admin

The talk is only for an hour and covers very basic concepts and information which is sufficient to give adequate exposure to staff working in this hospital. They are briefed on basic fire science, ways to extinguish fire, rescue techniques and roles of the emergency response team during fire incidents.

Participants having mock hands-on session with fire extinguisher during the session

Although this talk is simple, the fact that it is done at respective units enable closer interaction with the locality involved. It is also an opportunity to inspect every unit’s Emergency Response Plan during the session.

Does your unit require a Basic Fire Safety Talk?
Requesting unit should arrange venue, laptop and projector for the session on an agreed time and date. Please contact OSH Unit at or Ext 1110 to schedule a session.

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