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18 March 2019 – A one-day workshop was organised by OSH Unit to allow the Emergency Response Team (ERT) members to get some exposure on handling disasters related to chemical, biological, radiation, nuclear and explosion (CBRNE).

Representatives from the Fire and Rescue Department have been invited as speakers to this workshop. Their expertise and enriching experiences were shared during the sessions. It is crucial to ensure that ERT members in this hospital understand the types of potential disasters and equip themselves with knowledge on handling these internal disasters.

Encik Shahril who is experienced in HAZMAT team sharing during the workshop

Potential disasters, other than fire, which could occur in this hospital could be major chemical spillage such as formaldehyde. Other than immediate health consequences which have to be handled urgently, steps to evacuate and cleaning up the spillage were among topics discussed during the session.

Participants during the CBRNE workshop

Tuan John from the Headquarters also conducted a session where he shared about the roles of ERT in disaster handling. He emphasized the importance of having leaders within each floor and building in view of the huge size of this hospital. It is indeed vital for every unit to appoint a leader, ie. Floor Warden to ensure evacuation is carried out smoothly, if there were a need to.

PPP Mohd Amin from Fire Safety Committee, handing a token of appreciation to Tuan John.
Dr Yeo Kai Chi from OSH Unit, handing a token of appreciation to Encik Shahril.

Are you from Sarawak General Hospital and interested in volunteering for the hospital’s Emergency Response Team? Other than providing service to your workplace, it is a great avenue to enrich your knowledge and experiences in emergency management and disaster response skills. Please contact OSH Unit at 082-276991 for more information.

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