Management of healthcare worker in HUS during Covid-19 Pandemic

This is the main page for healthcare worker protocols related to Covid-19. Please find the relevant links on the right hand side menu.

Vaccination Program

NEW – Covid-19 Vaccination Program for SGH Healthcare Workers

Links for Declaration

  • Travel Declaration / Mass Gathering / High-Risk Area – Link
  • Contact with PUI / Covid-19 Positive OUTSIDE OF HOSPITALLink

Frequently Asked Questions

Help! What To Do If I’m Exposed to a Covid-19 Positive Patient?

When you find out you are exposed to a confirmed positive patient, please do not panic. Until you are contacted by the OSH team, kindly continue to work with precaution – which means face mask and face shield at all times. Do not eat with others, practice social distancing and keep social interaction at a minimum. Refer to this flowchart for more information.

What is the whole process after exposure to Covid-19 positive patient?

In terms of manpower and management to ensure continuity of service, this is the general flow:

1. A Google form specific to the index case will be created and forwarded to the close contact.

2. Close contact to fill up the forwarded Google form link

3. Close contact to wait for call from OSH contact tracing unit for history taking and further instruction

4. Close contact will be added into WhatsApp group for swab arrangement (if necessary) and close symptoms monitoring

5. After 14 days has passed, the index case will be closed.

These steps are subject to the actual situation and might change.

Do I need to quarantine myself if I know I have been exposed to a Covid-19 patient?

Unless you are the household contact (staying together), if you have already filled up the Google form, please await for the contact tracing unit to call within 6 hours. If you have not been called by 6 hours and you need to go to work, kindly continue working with face shield and face mask at all times. This is subject to you being asymptomatic. If you are symptomatic, please do not go to work and wait for the contact tracing team to call you.

What to do if I’m feeling unwell, but I have no known contact with any known positive cases?

Please declare in JKNS MyWorkspace and wait for the call from swab booth medical officer for further instruction.

What to do if I’m white coded but I’m feeling unwell?

If you have already been added into the WhatsApp group for the index case and you are still within the active symptom monitoring period, kindly declare inside the WhatsApp group as well as JKNS MyWorkspace, then await further instruction. In the meantime, do not go to work.

What to do if me or my household is in contact with a Covid-19 positive person OUTSIDE of hospital

Please kindly go to this page and fill in the Google Form link

Alert: Vaccinated List Available

SGH vaccinated list is now available. Kindly check your name inside the PDF. Read more

Last Updated 11th March 2021