SGH Vaccination Program For Healthcare Workers

Sarawak General Hospital will be commencing with the Comirnaty Covid-19 vaccination program for all eligible healthcare workers working at SGH.

NEW! Registration for Vaccine (Updated 11/3/2021)

Last call for vaccine registration! The Google Form below is for those who are still keen & yet to register is attached below. This link is for those who have not yet registered (never submitted before) and wants to get into the next cohort (including concession company Asajuru/OMSB/Dayacorp etc).

Please ensure that your name is NOT already listed in the Vaccinated List PDF. If your name is already listed, there is NO NEED to fill up the Google Form below.

BM Version > GOOGLE FORM KHAS untuk warga Hospital Umum Sarawak yang masih BERMINAT menerima vaksin & BELUM MENDAFTAR kepada Jawatankuasa Vaksin HUS (termasuk syarikat konsesi Asajuru/OMSB/Dayacorp/others)

Pastikan semak nama anda terlebih dahulu di dalam file PDF LIST NAME & STATUS OF VACCINEE sebelum isi Google Form di bawah.
(jika sudah ada nama di dalam list TIDAK PERLU ISI GOOGLE FORM)

Google Form for vaccine registration (last call):

Deadline: 16/3/2021 (10am)

NEW! Vaccination List (Updated 11.3.2021)

Download list of vaccinated HCW below. Please read remark below for more explanation as to what the status means. Refer above section if your name is not listed and you are keen to get vaccinated.


  • AVAILABLE: Available to be slot in the next vaccine shipment
  • AWAY (NOT IN KCH): Not available in Kuching during vaccination period
  • CANCELLED: Voluntarily decline vaccination
  • *CONTRAINDICATED: Vaccination contraindicated for now
  • DEPLOYED (NOT IN KCH): Deployed out of Kuching
  • POSTPONED TO NEXT PHASE: Voluntarily postponed vaccination date
  • SEVERE ALLERGY: Need to be counselled prior vaccination
  • TAKING ELSEWHERE: Vaccinated at other Pusat Pemberian Vaksin
  • TAKING OTHER VACCINE: Received other vaccines besides COVID-19 vaccination
  • OTHERS: Please contact Dr Nasarudeen
  • UNABLE TO COME: Unable to come on the given vaccination date

Vaccination Day

Preparation before Vaccination Process

Please find below the brief guide for what to expect on your vaccination day. Kindly get ready the following:

  1. Update your MySejahtera app
  2. Bring along your original NRIC! This is compulsory for consent checking. Without your original NRIC, you WILL BE turned back.
  3. Print 2 copies of the consent form (download link below)
  4. Fill up the consent form, but do not sign yet.
  5. For vaccine name – kindly fill in Comirnaty
  6. Bring along a pen
  7. Wear suitable shirt (short sleeve, loose)
  8. Ensure your phone is fully charged, and your phone data is sufficient.

During the Vaccination Process

  1. Join the queue in front of Nephrology Clinic / Urology Clinic located at Inpatient Block
  2. Practice social distancing at all times
  3. Do not pull down your mask, talk in close proximity etc
  4. Only sign consent form in front of the registration counter officers when instructed
  5. Wait at the waiting area inside CRC auditorium until you are called

After the Vaccination Process

  1. Scan the QR code at injection booth to register your vaccine
  2. Get vaccination card from pharmacist booth
  3. Rest at post-vaccination area for observation for 15-30 minutes

Once everything is done, you may leave the CRC auditorium and go back to work.

2nd Dose Vaccination

All the steps will be similar to the above, the only difference is the date and time.

Vaccine Postponement

If for any reason you are found to be ineligible for the vaccine at the allocated time, you will be placed in the list for postponement.

Download Links

Consent form:

Pakej Persediaan Vaksin (Bahasa Malaysia)

Alert: Vaccinated List Available

SGH vaccinated list is now available. Kindly check your name inside the PDF. Read more

Last Updated 11th March 2021