Enforcement of USECHH Regulations by DOSH

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27 March 2019 – The Department of Occupational Safety and Health paid a visit to our hospital yesterday as part of their enforcement effort on the
Use and Standard of Exposure Chemical Hazardous to Health (USECHH). They met with our OSH Unit, joined by representatives from the concession company, at 9:30 am with a brief introduction before going through paperwork regarding the USECHH Regulations.

Going through paperwork at the Quality Meeting Room

After obtaining sufficient evidence in terms of documentations and record-keeping, the DOSH officers paid a visit to the nearby Histopathology Lab to check on their management of chemicals hazardous to health. The main point of visit was to inspect their storage area.

Checking out the storage of chemicals hazardous to health

After the visit, the activity was concluded by a summary by Puan Rusnah, the DOSH officer visiting from Putrajaya. She emphasized the importance of good record keeping for chemicals hazardous to health as per USECHH Regulations. The foundation of this is to keep an up-to-date Chemical Register at all workplaces working with these chemicals. From the Chemical Register, adequate training, providence of PPE and medical surveillance can be planned accordingly. Ultimately, the aim is to get our hospital to undergo a Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA).

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