HIRARC Workshop 2.2019

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23 April 2019 – Just three months shy of the first HIRARC workshop of the year, OSH Unit decided to conduct a second workshop before the fasting month. Instead of inviting many units for a crowded workshop, OSH Unit has its strategy changed this year. It aims selected units in smaller groups to enable better audience penetration in order to deliver the desired results. A smaller crowd also means better interaction and attention span during the workshop.

Ever work place has its own hazards

This time, Dr Ian Bong has been given the privilege to deliver the introductory talk and a walk-through of conducting Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control at one’s workplace. Examples and analogy are given to facilitate understanding.

Dr Ian Bong during the workshop

Participants this time round are from medical and orthopaedic wards, ENT and Dental clinics. The second half of the workshop focuses on visiting the specified workplaces to conduct HIRARC. Work processes are observed and identified while supervisors point out potential hazards. Current risk controls are also being shown and participants brain storm for suggestions of other risk controls.

Visiting dental lab which is situated at the Dental Specialist Clinic

The afternoon session is a brief one with participants coming back to show their HIRARC findings and drafts. They are then instructed to submit a copy of the final completed HIRARC worksheet after being endorsed by workplace supervisor or Head of Department.

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