HIRARC Workshop 2019

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24 January 2019 – The first HIRARC workshop was held last Thursday with attendance from selected units with the objective of learning and performing Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control at individual workplace.

The units involved were Main Operating Theatre, Intensive Care Unit, Respiratory Daycare, TB and Fungal Lab, Histopathology Lab, Emergency Department and Blood Bank. Matrons, Nursing Sisters, Science Officers and Medical Assistants took part in this workshop.

The first part of the workshop was a comprehensive talk by Dr Radhiyatul on how to perform HIRARC at each workplace. She started off with the importance of knowing hazards which occur at workplaces and how to assess the risk and control them. She also went through step by step how to perform a systematic HIRARC. It was useful that she gave examples along the way and participants were encouraged to ask if they were unsure.

After the talk, facilitators accompanied each participant to visit his or her designated workplace to perform HIRARC. A worksheet was given to every team to ensure the template is adhered to. Every participant was required to go through each work process to identify hazards involved. Some places involve staff at the area performing the entire work process to ensure nothing is missed.

Assessing how a lab staff performs microscopy at TB Lab

After completing the worksheet, all the participants came back for a brief discussion. Facilitators from OSH Unit went through the worksheet and made any necessary corrections where needed. At the end of the day, the participants brought home the worksheet to key into a word document before filing it up at respective workplaces.

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