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22 February 2019 – OSH Unit gave a talk to the doctors in Sarawak General Hospital last Friday, touching on two important topics –

  1. Hepatitis B Programme
  2. Sharps Injury

These topics were geared towards healthcare workers targeted at Hepatitis B Programme as per Ministry of Health guidelines and to raise awareness of sharps injury management in this hospital.

The first part of the talk was given by Dr Ian Bong who explained the importance of Hepatitis B immunisation and the overview of the programme for targeted healthcare workers. The main challenge now is to obtain cooperation from fellow doctors to participate in the programme.

The number completed and still pending for doctors in the Hepatitis B Programme

OSH Unit also opened a mobile counter for doctors to check and update their database after the talk. Many came forward for feedback. It is hoped that this talk has raised awareness of doctors towards this blood-borne disease which may pose as an occupational hazard and risk for those working in the clinical field.

The second part of the talk was given by Dr Lynn Wong who briefed the audience regarding the new management of sharps and splash injury in the hospital. Since taking over the task from Infection Control Unit in August 2018, OSH Unit has come up with a streamlined work process which is more convenient for all sharps injury victims to notify and seek medical attention.

The talk also touched on statistics for sharps injury in the hospital and some of the common causes. Members of the audience we brought to attention how bad practices such as non-compliance to the SOP, taking shortcuts and inattentiveness can cause sharps injury at the workplace.

We hope that all fellow doctors are well informed about these two matters. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call (Ext 1110) if you have any queries about those matters.

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