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With Sarawak General Hospital being a tertiary hospital seeing various cases, clinicians tend to see many injuries and diseases related to occupation or workplaces. For example, a construction worker injuring himself at his workplace may present to the Emergency Department, and subsequently be seen by relevant surgical teams. Explosions or industrial accidents concerning burns are handled by Plastic Team.

Likewise, certain medical disciplines have also seen cases which they highly suspect to be occupational diseases. These can include occupational lung disease seen by Respiratory team or skin conditions seen at the Specialist Skin Clinic.

Many clinicians have been keen to notify these cases as “workplace accidents” or “occupational diseases”. However, they are unsure of the forms used or the work process involved.

While there is an OSH Unit in our hospital, we function as an administrative branch to take care of the health and safety of our own hospital’s employees. We do not function as an “Occupational Health” discipline for the public. Hence, OSH Unit does not handle these cases seen by the clinicians in the clinics or wards.

However, we are keen to help spread the awareness. Thus, we have invited the Department of Occupational and Safety to give a talk regarding the notification of workplace accidents and diseases to help clear the air for some inquisitive and responsible clinicians who are keen to do their part in notifying these cases.

Make sure you don’t miss the talk!

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