The first Emergency Response Team Meeting and Workshop

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18 January 2019 – The first Emergency Response Team (ERT) meeting and workshop was held at Dewan Pesona. It was attended by over 30 members from the voluntary-based team.

The objective of this meeting and workshop was to enforce and emphasis the roles of this special team in a hospital setting. Each role in the team was explained in detail to ensure that all members understand his or her responsibilities. This meeting also served to lay out projected activities for the year 2019.

Some of the activities which members can look forward to this year include Psychological First Aid training, Basic Life Support and First Aid, Communication and Rescue Workshop, Fire Drill and Basic Fire Safety Course.

Briefing on the roles and responsibilities of ERT members

Every member was given a personalised action card which can be used during activation of the team on duty. It is certainly a simple yet useful tool for one during an emergency.

Interested to be a member of this ERT team? It is not only part of your outside work activity which can be included in the annual LNPT evaluation, you also benefit from the various training sessions organised to equip yourself with knowledge and skills. Do not hesitate to contact us at for more information.

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