Audit Keselamatan

The workplace safety and health audit is based on the Ministry of Health’s format. The audit compromises of four different formats, ie. General, Laboratory, Radiology and Vector. According to requirements, it is compulsory for these safety audits to be carried out at least once a year at each workplace.

Auditors come from the Safety and Health committee with OSH Unit as the secretariat. Each workplace audit should be carried out by a team of auditors which must be at least two persons.

Components audited are mainly on management, safety, health and welfare. The focus of this audit is to ensure that the workplace is well managed, safe and employees’ health and welfare are taken care of.

After an audit is carried out, the Lead Auditor would produce a full report which would be acknowledged by the Hospital Director. The supervisor of the workplace then is given a copy of the audit and has two weeks to rectify the weaknesses shown from the audit. It is important to submit evidence of rectification as it is one of the Hospital Performance Indicators for Accountability (HPIA) where there must be at least 70% of the pitfalls whereby control measure or action have been taken.

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Last Updated 11th March 2021