Pengurusan Kes Tusukan Alatan Tajam & Percikan di Hospital Umum Sarawak

  1. Supervisor is Ward Sister or Team Leader in-charge where injury occurs
  2. HIV Rapid One Step Test Kit is available in each NSI Pack. After testing Source’s blood, please put the used kit back into the pouch and seal it. Keep the sealed pouch in the envelope provided.
  3. HCW to keep the OHU/SIS-2a form in envelope attached and bring it to OSH Unit next working day

*For all Sharps/Splash injuries after office hours, HCW and Supervisor must report the incident to OSH Unit the next working day

Date prepared: 31 July 2018

Alert: Vaccinated List Available

SGH vaccinated list is now available. Kindly check your name inside the PDF. Read more

Last Updated 11th March 2021