Tumpahan Merkuri

In our hospital setting, mercury spillage is generally caused by mercury thermometer or sphygmomanometer. There is no need to call BOMBA to come for minor spillage because we now have Mercury Spillage Kits available for minor spillage clean-up.

Mercury Spillage kits are available at

  • Medical 4 Ward – Main Block
  • Emergency and Trauma Department – Clinical Block
  • Paediatric Oncology Ward – Inpatient Block
  • Palliative Care Ward – RTU Building

In the Mercury Spillage Kit, you would find the Flow Chart of Mercury Spillage Management in SGH, a manual on how to clean up minor mercury spillage and items useful for the cleaning up process.

Please be reminded that all users who access these kits should replenish the consumable items in the kit such as gloves, apron, syringes and others according to the checklist which is available in the kit. Do not throw away the goggles or torch light because they are not disposable items.

After cleaning up the spillage, supervisor in-charge of the place of incident should notify the case as a “workplace accident” using the WEHU A1/A2 form. All notification forms should be forwarded to OSH Unit as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact OSH Unit (082-276991) for any information or clarification.

Alert: Vaccinated List Available

SGH vaccinated list is now available. Kindly check your name inside the PDF. Read more

Last Updated 11th March 2021