Vaccination programme for kitchen staff against typhoid fever

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30 January 2019 – Our clinic has carried out vaccination programme against typhoid fever for the staff working in the hospital’s kitchen. This vaccination is given once every three years for food handlers in accordance to the Food Act 1983.

Mobile vaccination for the food handlers in the hospital

Typhoid fever, caused by Salmonella typhi, is transmitted via ingestion of contaminated food by faeces or urine of infected people. Typhoid carriers also can transmit this disease to others through preparation of food. Hence, food handlers are particularly at risk of spreading this potentially fatal disease if they carry this Gram negative Enterobacteriacaea. The consequence is even heftier in a hospital setting where food is prepared for both patient and staff. An outbreak of typhoid in a healthcare facility is a nightmare to many.

Other ways of preventing typhoid fever is to have good sanitation, hand hygiene and avoiding raw or uncooked food. Food handlers should ensure proper hand hygiene, personal protective equipment and high standard of work in the kitchen.

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